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Now Playing: Orion Sun - Philly Songstress Makes the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Weekend Wind-Down.

With a voice as smooth as butter and soul-infused, hypnotic harmonies, New Jersey native turned Philadelphia local, Orion Sun, is the new must-add to your playlist. Tiffany Majette is the one-woman wonder behind the sounds of Orion Sun, from vocals to instrumentals to lyrics, making her melodies that much more impressive.

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The Flip Side of Working From Home and Tips to Succeed

About 5 months ago, I received a call from a recruiter who ardently sold me on the opportunity to do what I do on a daily basis…but from the comfort of my own home. This role would be temporary to start, but was a chance to really dip my toes in the waters of what I had only heard about from the experiences of those more fortunate than I - the mythical, but attainable ‘Work from Home’ scenario…

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