Now Playing: Orion Sun - Philly Songstress Makes the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Weekend Wind-Down.


With a voice as smooth as butter and soul-infused, hypnotic harmonies, New Jersey native turned Philadelphia local, Orion Sun, is the new must-add to your playlist. Tiffany Majette is the one-woman wonder behind the sounds of Orion Sun, from vocals to instrumentals to lyrics — making her melodies that much more impressive.

Photo Credit: Ashley Gellman for WXPN

Photo Credit: Ashley Gellman for WXPN


Her songs feature spacey beats that mold perfectly to the name Orion Sun and sing of stories that you quickly find yourself relating to, like the catchy rhythms and lovestruck lyrics to Mango (a personal favorite.) A few minutes listening and you’ll find her music takes you away like a vintage bottle of Calgon - and that’s just her intention.

“I just want to make things that can force you to not be present in a way. I like music that has that escape. So when I’m composing beats, it’s a lot about environment for me, and it’s very visual.'“ - via interview with WXPN.

Read more about the muse behind Orion Sun, her inspiration and her own creative journey in a Q + A with WXPN here.

For the ultimate soundtrack to your weekend wind-down, dive into Orion Sun on SoundCloud.